Wednesday, September 7, 2011

CHAPTER 1 the trouble starts

In the small town of black rock ,just outside of Dublin Ame'lie esprit  and her sister  Aquila felis , were meeting in a pub just off the main street. this pub wasn't very big. it had six stools and a pool table in the same room as the bar. Ame'lie arrived fifteen minutes late and Aquila was already there. She sat on the only blue stool that she had made special.she ordered her usual vodka and lemonade while Aquila was telling her about how her and her husband were trying for a baby. The girls went on to tell each other about how their lives had been when two locals who had had too much to drink started fighting and before long the whole pub had join the brawl. Ame'lie tried to break it up but instead she got thrown across the pool table and into a table smashing glasses and bottles with her chest when she landed. Aquila was just shocked so amelie used her telepathy to tell her to call an ambulance and then she passed out not knowing the extent of her injuries.  Aquila called the ambulance and then ran over to amelie  to try and stop the bleeding from the wound on her head.
The ambulance arrived with its lights and siren on. the doctor slowly placed Ame'lie on the stretcher and wheeled her into the ambulance. Aquila was allowed to ride in the back of the vehicle because she was immediate family. It took a while to get to the hospital and during the ride ame'lie woke up.She tried to sit up but was restrained because of the damage to her back and any wrong movement could leave her paralyzed from the waist down. the ambulance  arrived at the hospital just after ame'lie passed out again.  Aquila was train in medicine so she was allowed to help the doctor with patching up her injuries, her back had to be xrayed and after they realized that she would need surgery on her lower back, but it would be at least an hour  before she would be able to get into  theater and then the surgery would take another three quarters of and hour.  

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

just a warning

no horrible comment please if you dont think i have done the story justice just let me now what you think i could change to make it better and i will take it into consideration thank you